Full traceability of the batches of soil is ensured from their delivery to the site, during their processing, and upon their leaving the site. Before accepting a batch of soil, Belgarena checks its compatibility with the acceptance conditions of the centre.

Belgarena centralises all the tests on incoming and outgoing materials in a database to ensure the traceability of each and every batch. This database is accompanied by a quality manual containing all the procedures linked to monitoring and characterising the materials.

The procedures in effect comply with the general rules of the BREF (Best Available Techniques Reference Document) for the waste treatment industries, a document compiled in compliance with the European Council's Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive. Belgarena has effectively adapted these rules for a soil processing facility.

Three successive phases have been defined for the quality control of soil processing, namely,

  • the site entry phase, which is broken down into four steps:  prior information, acceptance, admission onto the site, and reception;
  • the soil processing phase, which includes strict monitoring of the processing;
  • the exit phase, which is broken down into three steps:  analysis of the soil and validation of its compliance with the terms of reference for the chosen outlet, shipment of the soil, and receipt of the recipient's take-over certificate.