In line with its operating permit, Belgarena processes soil and sand biologically. It uses endogenous bacteria that will feed on the organic pollutants in the substrates and break them down into harmless substances. Belgarena also uses physical-chemical washing techniques to decontaminate polluted soil.

The aim of Belgarena's processing operations is to reduce both the volume of and level of pollution in the contaminated materials so that they can be re-used directly (for example, spreading the decontaminated soil on Saint-Jacques mining tip) or sent on to another outlet or approved processing facility.

The main biologically-processed pollutants are mineral oils, certain PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and other biodegradable organic contaminants.

Belgarena combines several proven soil treatment techniques. These include aerating and turning over the soil, injecting bacteria and nutrients, trapping possible volatile pollutants, and decontaminating the air. The decontamination operations and in-process decontamination are subject to meticulous monitoring, yielding an output that meets today's recovery standards.