Together with its sister companies, Roton Environnement and SETSJ, for over ten years now Belgarena has been involved in a total industrial reconversion of the site of the old Roton collieries, by developing its environmental activities and taking part in a voluntary initiative to promote sustainability in accordance with the principles of European Regulation 2020/852.

Our history

Following the closure of the Roton colliery - the last in Wallonia - in 1984, and in the face of the inexorable decline of its activities in the field of coal for domestic use, in the early 1990s Roton SA opted in favour of a reconversion of the site to undertake new activities likely to respond to new industrial and societal needs.

So, at the end of 2004, it created the subsidiary Roton Environnement with the aim of acquiring and developing know-how in the processing of industrial residues (fine particles of iron and steel and foundry sand), with a view to their reuse, reduction or decontamination.

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Over the next ten years, the Roton group consolidated its activities and drew up a development plan based on four main axes:

  • the depollution of foundry sand and soil (Belgarena SA),
  • the recovery of waste from the demolition of buildings and civil engineering structures to produce recycled pellets or technosols (Belgarena SA),
  • the recovery of uncontaminated and depolluted soil and the redevelopment of the Saint-Jacques slag heap in Farciennes (SETSJ SPRL);
  • the industrial drying of fine metallic materials (Roton Environnement SA).

Our mission

For over 20 years, Belgarena has spearheaded the development of the Roton Environnement Group in Wallonia. Its main purpose is the pre-processing, processing and recycling of slightly polluted soil from civil engineering sites and soil remediation. Belgarena also processes sand from foundries and waste water purification stations as well as recycling inert waste, while developing recycled pellet production and logistics activities. Artificial soils (technosoil) are shortly to be added to this list.

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Our vision

Together with its sister companies, Belgarena aims to develop its activities in Farciennes over the next ten years and establish a position as a centre of excellence for the circular economy in the field of the reclamation of non-hazardous waste (construction waste, soil, sand, sludge from waste water treatment plants, green waste, grade A waste wood, etc.).


Our values

The group’s values are ‘Respect, Integrity, Responsibility’.

Respect: We show consideration towards our common capital. We understand ‘common capital’ to mean:

  • our human resources and our stakeholders, including the community in which we evolve,
  • our natural environment, which we aim to develop,
  • our technical and material capital, which we wish to use and maintain appropriately.

Integrity: Our behaviour, our acts and our decisions are irreproachable. We abide by the laws, regulations and instructions at the workplace.

Responsibility: We accept responsibility for the direct and indirect consequences of our actions in the short and long term. We reflect the group’s will at all times in our words, actions and writings.

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